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Signs of a Narcissist

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How to recognize a narcissist
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Signs of a Narcissist

It seems like people like to throw out the dagnosis of Narcissism, but they do so without knowing exactly what they are saying. Below are 18 symptoms that a person in your life may be a narcissist

1. Makes everything about them
2. Cares very much about presenting “the perfect” image & that he/she is the BEST mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. (more concerned with what outsiders think than what people closest think)
3. Lies and manipulates- causes a lot of self-doubt and confusion
4. Takes credit for anything good that you do
5. Can’t be wrong; therefore, denies, twists, gaslights, etc.
6. Doesn’t care how you feel
7. Projects his/her own terrible behavior on to you (ex. “You can’t talk to me like that” when he/she is the one being nasty)
8. Doesn’t react well to criticism- often denying it
9. Constantly insults, berates, demeans, harasses
10. Exploits your insecurities/vulnerabilities
11. Competitive (ex. Comparing your looks, taking your friends, getting jealous, gets even, wants to be better than you)
12. Nothing you do is good enough
13. Doesn’t respect boundaries
14. If you do anything against his/her beliefs (what he/she thinks you should do), you get significantly punished
15. Only praises you or shows love when you are doing what you should do (sends the message that you must live your life to please him/her)
16. Uses guilt trips frequently
17. Shows a fear of abandonment (don’t leave me!)
18. Minimizes what you feel or think (denies your reality- you’re over-reacting, dramatic, not correct)

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