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South Tampa Wellness Spa’s Recognition by the South Tampa Chamber

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Alicia Divico

Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in addiction therapy

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The South Tampa Chamber, a cornerstone of the Tampa Bay community, plays an integral role in promoting local enterprises and fostering collaboration among community members. Established in 1926, this esteemed Chamber facilitates networking, advocacy, and growth for over 600 affiliated businesses and organizations, thereby enhancing the economic and social fabric of the South Tampa area.

South Tampa Wellness Spa’s Recognition by the Chamber

South Tampa Chamber on South Tampa Wellness SpaSituated prominently within this dynamic community is the South Tampa Wellness Spa, an establishment dedicated to promoting health and well-being. Our Spa offers an extensive range of services including Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Float Tank, IV Therapy, and Facial Spa Treatments.

Staffed by a cadre of licensed professionals, the spa commits to providing exceptional care tailored to individual needs. Recently, the South Tampa Chamber acknowledged South Tampa Wellness Spa for its exemplary service and significant contributions to community health, underscoring its commitment to excellence.

Community Impact and Engagement

The acknowledgment by the South Tampa Chamber is a reflection of South Tampa Wellness Spa’s profound engagement with the community. The spa is an active participant in Chamber-endorsed events, providing wellness workshops and complimentary health screenings that greatly benefit the local populace. These initiatives underscore the spa’s dedication to health promotion and community well-being.

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