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Human worth

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Human Worth value
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Human Worth

Many of my clients tell me that they do not feel like they have worth or value as people. I have often asked my clients to tell me what gives a human life value/worth. It’s interesting what the answers are as it sounds like it’s relatively simple! Here’s what we have put together:

  1. Unique perspective. Each person have a unique perspective based on their biology and life experiences. As a result, we all see things slightly differently, making our perspective distinct, useful, and I’d say even necessary. It’s dangerous when we reject others’ perspectives rather than trying to understand them, because we always have room to grow/learn. Individuality also makes life entertaining, exciting, challenging, and adds unique humor.
  2. Efforts to improve. When a person makes efforts to improve themselves, improve the earth, improve society, or support/help others improve, that is valuable. These improvements may be small, but small changes add up! The fact that a person cares to work towards improvement at all adds value/worth.
  3. Fulfilling a purpose. Many people come to me depressed that they do not know their purpose; however, purpose comes to you as needed. Many people find it in whatever they already do each day, and some take years to find their true passion. The journey is a part of the process, and perspective plays a big roll. Just attending to the idea of purpose is a step in the right direction!
  4. Connection. A lot of people get even more depressed about this one, saying that they don’t have anyone, BUT according to those I’ve interviewed, you can have an impact on others without having deep, close relationships. Deep, close relationships are ideal, but sometimes we are able to make someone’s day with just a smile, being kind to your customer service worker, being low maintenance or easy to get along with, etc. We truly under-estimate those impacts. Not to mention there is the connection we have to one another as a neighbor, an employee, a Floridian, etc. Then there’s the connection that we have to the Earth and the way in which we interact with the atmosphere, etc. There are many ways we are connected beyond who is in front of you or within your household, and connection keeps the world going.

If you can think of other things that give human life value/worth, I am OPEN! Please list your thoughts and ideas below!

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