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How To Relax And Fully Enjoy A Spa Treatment

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Enjoy your Wellness Spa treatment
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One of the most ideal breaks from a long, exhausting week at work is going to a wellness spa. You can unwind yourself, relax and recharge your energies from all the stresses of the week.

You see, spas have been around for a very long time now. Not tens or hundreds of years but thousands. We have gone from the ancient spa locations to the modern outdoor spa centers with fluffy robes and flip flops.

The fact that spas have survived for such a long time in a world where things come and go extremely fast, is strong proof to how beneficial and enjoyable they are for people.

Whether you prefer reading good books or sweating things out in the sauna, nothing compares to the atmosphere of a spa.

So, if you’re planning to visit a spa, here are some great ways to make it a truly relaxing and almost perfect experience for your well-being.

Do Your Research And Come Prepared

If you’re going to visit a spa you’ve never visited before, you got to do your research.

How To Relax And Fully Enjoy A Spa Treatment

Doing so beforehand means you can start visualizing the kind of things you like to do while you’re there. Knowing the spa location that you want to visit even before arriving there can help you save valuable relaxing time, especially since some spas will only allow guests to be in the area for a limited period.

Avoid Eating A Lot

Don’t eat high-volume food before going to the spa. Eat something light or just enough so you don’t starve yourself during the treatment. Light, healthy and high-fiber snacks are perfect. Also try to avoid caffeine filled drinks because they might give you such an energy boost that it might make you uneasy during procedure as well.

Take A Warm Shower

While this is not a “must” it is considered etiquette to take a warm shower before going for a spa treatment. Apart from hygenic reasons, a warm shower also helps to warm up your muscles and prepares them for relaxation.

After shower you can choose other options that spa center offers, like sauna, bath or pool.

Most spas have a relaxation corner where you can sit down and sip a cup of relaxing tea.

Try to sit down, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. This procedure will help you calm your heart rate and slow down your thoughts.

Stretching your muscles is also suggested. As you probably know, daily office workers usually store a lot of tension in the shoulder and back area especially, so some light stretches will help you relax muscles and prepare them for well-deserved relaxation.

Turn Off Mobile Devices

This tip is absolutely important and necessary for your next trip to the spa. Don’t look at any of your work emails while you’re trying to relax or getting your treatment; turn your mobile devices off. If you want to avoid getting tempted to check them, don’t just silence them.

You want to ensure that you’re fully present, distraction free and focusing on the right elements. Think of it like a meditation. It’ll be best if you just give your smartphone a rest while you’re trying to relax.

Feel Comfortable

Perhaps you have been denying yourself a pleasure of spa, because you feel shy being almost naked in front of stranger. Please, put those feelings aside.

If you don’t feel comfortable and covering yourself only with single-use spa panties, you are not obligated to wear them. You can as well undress down to your underwear (we suggest using bathing suit). Spa professional will be able to work around that.

Don’t Be Shy To Speak Up

If the spa therapist is using too much or not enough pressure, please speak up.

Also, sometimes you might not want to talk at all, but you find yourself in the hands of someone who’s a bit chatty. Whatever the case, you need to speak up. It’s totally fine to do that because after all you’re there to have an amazing experience.

Close Your Eyes, Let Your Thoughts Go

Think of your brain like a machine with limited energy. Vision, it turns out, sucks a lot of that energy. Compared to sight, touch and taste consume a fraction of that energy. That’s why the moment you close your eyes, you free up a big amount of brainpower.

What’s more, resting with your eyes closed can calm your mind and help your muscles to relax. Your blood pressure drops and your heart rate slows. This is the perfect state during a spa treatment.


Once the treatment is over, you can take your time and rest for some time on the massage table. There is no need to jump up and run out.

Also, once you leave the spa salon, don’t rush to do anything active. Immediately doing some hard activities might make you light headed. Take your time and let your body return to its normal state.

Final Thoughts

Now that this article has armed you with the knowledge of how to relax better at the spa, you’ll feel more encouraged to make or find an opportunity to relax at one of the many great facilities at South Tampa Wellness Spa.

Every single staff member is highly experienced and focused to give you one of the most enjoyable experiences. They know what type of treatments are suitable for you based on your lifestyle and preferences. If this sounds interesting you can book an appointment today and see how we can help you.

Know that whether you’re visiting a center like South Tampa Wellness Spa for only a few hours or an entire day, you’re doing something really beneficial and positive towards your overall well-being.


Why Have Spas Been Popular for Thousands of Years?

Spas have been a popular destination for relaxation and rejuvenation for thousands of years due to their numerous benefits. They provide a peaceful escape from daily stress, offering various treatments and activities that help individuals unwind, relax, and recharge. The enduring appeal of spas is a testament to their effectiveness in enhancing well-being and offering enjoyable experiences.

What Are Some Activities You Can Enjoy at a Spa?

At a spa, you can indulge in a range of activities that cater to relaxation and wellness. This includes reading in a tranquil environment, enjoying sauna sessions, receiving massages or other therapeutic treatments, and simply relaxing in a serene atmosphere. Spas offer a variety of options to suit different preferences for relaxation and rejuvenation.

How Can Doing Research Enhance Your Spa Experience?

Researching a spa before visiting helps you maximize your relaxation time. By familiarizing yourself with the spa's offerings, location, and policies, you can plan your visit more efficiently, especially if the spa has time limits for guests. Knowing what to expect allows you to tailor your visit to your preferences, ensuring a more fulfilling and relaxing experience.

What Should You Consider When Planning a Spa Visit?

When planning a spa visit, consider researching the spa's services, location, and any guest policies or time limitations. Preparing in advance can help you choose the treatments that align with your relaxation goals and ensure that your time at the spa is well-spent and thoroughly enjoyable.

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