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Revitalize Your Sleep: Strategies for Restoring Restful Nights and Resetting Your Circadian Clock - 06/18/2024

“I am a firm believer that there are three pillars to our health – nutrition, exercise and sleep. If we want to have optimum health, we need to have a balance of the three. Without proper sleep, the other two suffer greatly.”

-Julie Ashlock

The Stages of Menopause - 06/27/2024

More that just hot flashes, weight gain and mood swings.

Radiate Wellness 2.0 - 07/20/2024

Get ready to level up your wellness game at Radiate Wellness 2.0 – a day filled with yoga, soundbath, acupuncture, snacks, & positive vibes!

Summer Networking - 07/26/2024

Those of us in the mental health and substance use treatment worlds know that we give a lot of ourselves, and often with minimal support. We want to foster community, connection, and support within our professional community! 

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